Creating a stress-free learning environment

Thinking outside of the classroom

The 10 000 sqm of pristine natural environment along the banks of the Hout Bay river, provides for a rich learning canvas for subjects like Biology, Environmental Management and Science.  Students apply their subjects experimentally in these surrounds by analysing soil, weather and aspects of the Hout Bay river.  Outdoor classrooms fashioned out of natural rocks and indigenous wood have been designed to facilitate this learning.

The entire area has been landscaped with indigenous plants and the grounds are imbued with the captivating aromas of almond, lemon and fig trees.

The classrooms are in fact a retrofitted horse stable designed in a U-shape with a communal space in the centre.  The high ceilings allow plenty of natural light and wide wooden stable doors are all aesthetically designed to maximise student well-being and adhere to eco-friendly principles

Deconstructed classrooms

Three of the classrooms are multi-use and comprise of a learning area, a kitchenette and snacking area in a self-study zone and a quiet study area on a mezzanine level.

Other classrooms are designed as tutorial rooms, for smaller learning groups and personalized learning. 

The Academy’s core pedagogy surrounds the “Flipped Classroom” where students are given access to lessons prior to”face to face” class time. This enable them to engage more with the content and then  process the information and synthesize new understanding in collaboration with the teacher. This is made possible by our online learning platform THEACADEMY.ONLINE.