Our Ethos

Learning should meet the individual needs of each student. They are entering a rapidly changing world and the knowledge they acquire today is different from the skills they will need when they leave school– therefore learning how to learn, to be creative, experiment, communicate, disseminate, take responsibility, work together, exchange and respectfully discuss opinions are some of the competences we seek to develop. The teacher is responsible for understanding the student’s individual learning needs and supporting them. The focus is on their learning process.

The Learning Environment

We believe that school should be a place where students are excited to go. We aspire to create an environment which feeds your soul and energy because you learn and develop there, because it’s a place that you are passionate about. A place where time flies.
We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity and has the right to become fundamentally happy beings with the basic and professional competences necessary to take part in, and develop, society. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity and has the right to achieve contentment and worth by understanding how they learn and in providing the most effective environment to facilitate their learning process.

Replacing Outdated Paradigms

We understand that the Victorian industrial model of education is ineffective and outdated and people should not be judged, or be allowed to judge themselves by their success or failure within the narrow confines of this paradigm. We can do this by offering them the educational experience of working within a flow that ensures they are constantly challenged. An experience where teachers are seen as positive role models, and in which the physical and mental environment all support his undeniable truth:

Happy students are better learners and will become young adults that are independent, creative, open-minded, principled and brave.