Kryon Book VIII “Passing the Marker” tells us that there will be Five Spiritual Millennium Energy Changes. One of them will be DNA and it will be seen at a scientific level as “differences at the cellular level between older Humans and newer ones” will be noticed.

This DNA changes will be shown more specifically in the area of immunity, as the immune system will be the first one to become stronger and “even the cells will divide differently”. It all will be a “different kind of biology” or what some will call “the beginning of intelligent cells” and “an enabled DNA – the next step in human evolution”.

As incredible as this sounds, it is even more incredible that Kryon says that this cellular shift will begin with simple and pure spiritual intent…
Where does it leave us? Ex-pressing total co-creative power with the universe.
I would say that at that point money doesn’t mean as much as faith, because faith strengthens your focus and manifestation capacities, while money per se may bring with it some serious problems of its own, such as control and fear issues, the need to protect it and safe ward it… However, with faith, we know that we are always looked after at every step of the way; that we are given everything we need without having to hoard, steal, take, control, defend… and any other negative or restrictive emotions.

When we talk about the healing of the planet, we have to focus on the one and most important instrument for this: the children. With their new and more evolved DNA, which Lee Carroll, writer of the Kryon books calls “The New Children”.

In November 2008 I went to a friend’s wedding. It was one of life’s synchronicities that, as I sat at my designated table, the ladies around me were either pregnant or had young babies or toddlers, like mine, which quickly put us in a common ground for lively conversation.
But this was not all: one of the ladies had a genetic disorder that was miraculously not passed to her daughter; she had had great difficulties during her pregnancy and afterwards too. Another lady didn’t think she could have children (just like me) and got pregnant 10 years into her relationship with her partner in her 40’s (just like me).

I told them about a book that I wrote about the conception, pregnancy and early childhood harr

owing rearing experience of my daughter: “Magical Conception, Effortless Pregnancy: Aligning with Energy, Allowing Life to Flow”. Links:

And they just wanted to know!

In their words, they were so incredibly excited that there was someone who could see the future with such a positive and hopeful attitude.
They saw me as someone who was prepared to work for it and help others to achieve the same, someone with the energy to gather other people like-minded and create a place for them to share their experiences, that just by hearing them reacting to what I was saying.

I got so inspired, that I wanted to create a project called “Holistic Families – Helping the Earth Heal” helping families of these new children adjust and create a bridge to their communication.

But, what have these new children to do with the subject matter of this dissertation, etheric DNA and the healing of the planet?
In “Voyagers – The Secrets of Amenti” by Ashayana Deane says that between 2005 and 2017 there will be a second birth wave of indigo children:
“The second wave of 5,500 D-6 soul essence – Root Race 7: Paradisian children, who possess the imprint for DNA strand 6, will birth on Earth. They will reach maturity and activation of the sixth DNA strand at the age of 12, between 2017 – 2029, to become Place Holders that ground D-6 frequency on Bridge Zone Earth following the 2012-2017 ascension period”.

This is what they are doing: they are anchoring the light in order to create the platform that the planet needs to make its shift.

In Kryon Book VIII “Passing the Marker” it concludes as well by saying:
“The arrival of these new children is a direct result of permission you gave spiritually on the 11:11 in 1998”. It suddenly hit me: I met my husband in September 1998 and got together in… November 1998!
“The question was asked of all Humans on the planet: Do you give permission to allow a change in the DNA to the extent that those born after you will carry a consciousness that you did not? The answer given in this 11:11 window was uniformly YES”.

Basically, at a spiritual level we all knew what needed to be done and we knew that with the current spiritual operational system it couldn’t be done. We then requested or accepted the help of higher vibrational level souls, who would incarnate in this three-dimensional Earth in order to pull the evolution forward.
But not slowly: we needed to cover a long way in a short period of time; this is a couple of generations, a drop of water in the ocean when we look at cosmic time and how long it takes for planets and stars to form…

Unfortunately, many would deny it because “the pieces and the parts of it you cannot measure will be the first to change. These parts you cannot measure are those that are magnetically influenced. These magnetically influenced parts are designed to awaken pieces of chemistry in you”.

So when things start happening, people will call it a miracle, as we always do when the immense subterraneous work has been done and nobody has seen it or paid attention, then different results start taking place and we don’t know how, we are taken by surprise.
This is the tip of the iceberg syndrome: only focusing on the superficiality of the world, the realities and truths seem to escape us a great deal of the time.
But when lives become longer, when people can find peace inside regardless of the noise around us, when we can love those who hurt us or feel that our lives become harmonious instead of chaotic, we will know that something very deep has changed. It has to be, because if we continue to do what we are doing now, we certainly shouldn’t expect a change in the ways of the world: same actions do not deliver different

But the ways of the world are changing and we can see it in many different areas and at many different levels. These really are all the answers to all our questions linked to existential pain, hope for the future, meaning and meaninglessness, a higher mission on Earth for each one of us and the final realization of knowing that even when we are small, we are important in the scheme of things.
Because we are part of the healing of the planet. And this is the only reason why each one of us chose to reincarnate at this time, in this place.

Do you think I am exaggerating? Well, Kryon tells us very clearly: “The setup between the magnetic grid and the crystalline grid as determined by the solar system at your birth. These magnetic instruction sets end up surrounding the crystalline sheath of the DNA. You have them right now. It is the oldest science on the planet and it is called astrology”.

These new children are different from the old generations, or people born in the old energies, at genetic, DNA and cellular level.
Kryon VII “Letters from Earth” says that: “The children are different from you, and the magnetics (Earth’s grid system that is changing) will affect them differently than it did you. They will have equipment that you don’t, that you will have to develop – one of the reasons why you are reading this. Did you know that? It is no accident that those dark blue children (the life force color), which you call the Indigo, are being born in such abundance”.

Apparently these Indigo children born around 1998 arrived in the planet at a specific time because they are amazing at the level of DNA activated potential. And Kryon remarks that even further evolution will be seen in ther children! These will start being born around 2012 and they are going to be even more different.

But going back to the changes that we may experience as we transition into the new human, you may find yourself feeling emotions much more powerfully and clearly.
After all, e-motion is energy-in-motion and it is the pathway for the soul to contact our consciousness. These emotions will throw us out of balance because they are linked to anxiety or emergency.

Indeed, something is emerging. But I can tell you that the one and only way I have been able to ride this wild horse of my emotions clearing energetic pathways in my body, seemingly with a mind of their own, and hitting me at the most inconvenient times, is to sit still, feel them fully and allow them to pass.
You don’t really need to do anything with them; only allow them to release the energetic blocks in your system so that they can help you release unhealthy patterns held so strongly for so long. So of course it may not be a pleasant process.
Just like spring cleaning your home: all that dust, grim and hardened grease is not pleasant to remove… but it has to be done!

What is pleasant, however, is the feeling of freedom and liberation that you feel afterwards, the renewed vision for your life and the sudden solutions to long-held problems that you may have experienced. Not to mention the strengthening of your health, the sharpening of your natural gifts and even the emergence of
new gifts that you didn’t know you had, but may have been karmically and/or energetically buried in suspension until the vibration was the correct one to allow their release into your energy field.

And then you will be given the highest honor of bringing one of these new children into your life.
This is what happened to me.
As soon as I had my first and one and only baby 7 years ago, I realised that I seemed to be from another planet when it came to the way I was bringing up Itsaso, as oppose how other parents were bringing up their children.

I breastfed her for 13 months and since the age of 5 or 6 months I introduced organic porridge and boiled fruit, then later on fresh fruit, vegetables, rice, pasta, salad, bread… all normal but clean foodstuff.
There were no dummies, bottles, man-made formula mixtures, pots of Purity or any other already prepared foodstuff (normally loaded with sugar and/or salt), crisps, coke, soft-fizzy drinks, gums, sweets and all this stuff that children seem to thrive on these days.

And I am not someone who has to have the perfect diet, one of those people who feel that one too many toxins in their bodies will send them to an early grave. We have our piece of chocolate or biscuit in the afternoon and our ice-creams and pop-corn during weekend movies, like many other mortals… but there is a great difference between normal, organic, fresh food-stuff and convenient, energetically dead foodstuff
that seems to have gripped the majority of the first-world countries.

It was the same with the concept of both parents working and hence, sending their children to a crèche from the age of 4 months because the mother had to (or chose to) go back to work, which meant that these babies were not in the protective aura of the mother.
Why is this so important? Because they choose their parents very specifically, especially their mother as she is the being who will ease their entrance into this world and help them ground their energies in the three-dimensional frequency, which is a truly hard task of integration for such advanced beings.

This meant that there was one adult for many children and that they were not going to be stimulated and received the emotional attention that they needed.
Even though the road I chose staying with my baby 24/7 was truly hard, very demanding, I realised that the feelings of guilt felt especially by the mothers who left their children in a crèche from such an early age was still harder and even devastating.

I feel that at some level modern mothers realise that this may be the normal practice but it is not the natural practice. This feelings of guilt would be picked up by their children, who would use it to manipulate their parents, trying to ease these unhealthy emotions by purchasing physical items for their children in order to make up for the lack of their physical and emotional presence. And this would result in a tag-of-war of
emotional drama being played in every home.

I chose (or the Universe forced me to choose through a specific set of circumstances) to keep the baby with me until the age of 3, when she went to pre-school. Deep inside I knew that it had to be done. Today, this means that I can be strict with her because I don’t have feelings of guilt and hence, I am not susceptible to her emotional manipulation.
And I feel that in the process, I have been able to help my child become centred, focused and secure enough that she doesn’t need to extract energy through negative behaviour or manipulative games, which is what many other children seem to be doing.

The result? Everyone thinks she was about 8 years old (she was 6 years old at the time of this writing) because of the way she behaved.

From a very early age she will sit at a table in a restaurant eating her dinner like a grown-up; she doesn’t argue with me when I say she can’t have a sweet or buy a toy; she doesn’t make a fuss when we are leaving a place (even a playground with other children) and accepts my word as gospel, at least at this stage before she hits puberty… because she trusts me.

Which helps my sanity since raising a child these days is a highly emotionally involved, mentally challenging, physically demanding and spiritually responsible job!
And so I decided that I want to work with the parents of these new children by helping them understand how different they are, by showing them that they have other choices that perhaps they haven’t thought about or haven’t realised exist.

These choices include the spiritual growth of the parents so that they don’t pass their family karmic debts onto their children, so that these children can carry their higher-frequency light and do the job they came here to do without being loaded with their parents unresolved emotional dramas.
And by achieving this PhD I felt that I could command the necessary authority to continue to walk this spiritual path with credibility, and not just passion! This is of course a lifetime pursuit. But while I am alive, I have time to do this work… the one and only I want to do.

Other areas that showed how differently I was bringing up Itsaso were early education: so many parents are bringing their children to children-centres (créche, pre-school, play-group, etc) at the ages of 6 months old and onwards to learn to sit, to crawl, to become aware of their surroundings, to walk…
I went to one such class for 4 months and Itsaso cried every session. As soon as I would force her to do as the teacher requested, it was as if she felt that this was unnatural and unnecessary, so I had to pick up her cue: these classes were not for her. The atmosphere of competitiveness, the feelings of inadequacy of some of the other parents…She was picking up on these energies and was not happy at all! I understood what she was trying to tell me: “Why teaching nature to do what nature already does?”
She would crawl, walk, talk, pee, socialise… naturally when her time would come and she didn’t need to be shown how. All she needed was support, love, encouragement and the presence of the one most important person in her life at that time: her mother.

Talking about these matters, I came across a quote from “Letter to Earth” from Elia Wise, where she asks and answers a very important question: “How can humanity free its children from the patterns of the past?” […] “To free your children from the limiting Human patterns of the past, help them stay aligned with Universal values. Integrity, love, compassion and creativity are an excellent start on life. Love the children unconditionally and abundantly. Reprioritize the values of your life so your freedom to respond
to them is foremost among your devotions”.

“Responding to the stimuli that come from your children is the same as responding to your own inner direction. Essentially, their joyful purity is your inner direction, and the stimuli they provide are your opportunities to reconstruct the integrity of your own identity”.

When I see all these parents pushing their children at the baby stage to learn to crawl because they want them to be fit for society at such early stage in life, I realise that this is not because the children will not crawl (they will or will not, according to their individual natures and blueprints) but it is because the parents don’t have a strong inner sense that guides them towards what needs to be done, let’s call it
common sense (which as my father says, it is the least common of the senses!).

For me it is a reason of lack of adequacy: the mothers need to feel that they are adequate, that their children are also adequate and won’t stay behind, even though they have just started to live!
So now you have a 1 year old, whose mother boasts that the child can do two lengths in a swimming pool without floaters, or the mother of the 5 year old who sends her to pottery lessons on Monday after school, Spanish on Tuesdays, tennis on Wednesdays and Karate on Fridays, because the child must visit a psychologist on Thursdays as the child is not doing very well at school!

What is all this about?
Elia Wise says it very clearly: “Do not hurry your young children into worldly rhythms or busy them with excessive activity. When you train a young child for society as it is, it buries their instincts for more enlightened and meaningful community”.

“If you train your children for socialization before their integral identities become expressed, you may produce winners or negotiators within your current competitive model, but you will severely modify their potentials and limit their modes of direct knowing – at least temporarily”

“If you replace this natural process of developing identity with an imposed process, you will subvert their magnetism for creating the life that is truly theirs”.

Intuitively, this was my one and only objective when I had my baby girl.
As I tried to connect to my child in the midst of intense external expectations to fit in, based on unnatural competitiveness, an extreme need for others to see that we were following the beaten path on which they had embarked (maybe so that they didn’t have to ask themselves whether this path was still a good one?), I decided to drop the lessons, drop the children books (unless I had a specific need of information on a particular subject) and attune myself to her so that I could know what she needed at every given time.

It was an experiment based on faith and inner guidance, and luckily it paid off.
I knew it would be risky but again, I just had to do it. I realised that this child chose me as her mother in order for me to help her achieve her potential and I just couldn’t let her down, even if it involved that I did what others didn’t… and I know how scary it feels
because I was overwhelmed by the same fears as any other new parent has at that stage … but in my mind and in my heart, what mattered was that I did what was right for her as a baby and for us as a family. And I had to be strong for us.

When we have a bunch of children like these already stressed and overworked, picking up the inadequacies of the parents and trying to fit in a system that demands that they lose themselves in the process, just like it happened to their parents before, we must realise that something is not right.
What is it?
Elia says that overwhelming children with meaningless activity “separates your children from their greatest resource for fulfilment. Until they become old enough to find themselves within the imposed programming and reconstruct their identities in response to the essential stimuli of their Soul, they are likely to feel their lives are void of meaning or that they are living on the wrong planet”. Or in other words, they are lost. As lost as their parents.

I know because I was totally lost and it took me to throw myself into a journey of 18 years of intense self-healing work to find myself.
And Elia hits the nail on the head when she says: “You are evidence of this. At your current juncture of old and new paradigms, those who have awakened are working hard to deprogram from their early childhood and societal training. A myriad of forms for self-healing are emerging to facilitate your population in individual and collective Soul retrieval”.

When I read this I thought: “Is she talking to me?”
I was glad that someone understood what I had been through and what I was working for: the above paragraph describes me through and through because it took me almost two decades to deprogram myself in the form of personal development and energy healing work!
And there is no way I want this for my child, hence the passion behind my work.
I remember when my daughter went to school at the age of 2 years and 10 months. It is the French School in Cape Town. I am Spanish and her father is South African Portuguese. The Spanish school in Cape Town was far away in the outskirts so I chose the French school, which is around the corner from where we live. It also offers a European education, which I wanted for her, where she has become trilingual in French, English and Spanish.

I know the advantage of this education because I have been studying these languages for at least 35 years and I wanted to give her this gift.
She can thank me later!
But 2 years into the school, I remember when one of her teachers called me and said that “she didn’t seem to integrate very well in the group” and that she would sit and watch from a corner before starting to interact with one or another child.
I told them that I do the same and that she was choosing the children with the right energies for her to interact. That I wasn’t worried and that I thought it was a sign of intelligence.

The teacher looked at me in state of shock because she thought that I should worry and that I should “take my daughter on a regular basis to mix with children and have play-dates”. I told her that “she was born into a specific life for a specific purpose. Life hands you a set of cards and it is never perfect, yet you need to learn to play the game to the best of your abilities and hence, I wasn’t going to artificially change my life to accommodate for a perceived problem, and finally, that she would mature in her own good time”.

She remained speechless and must have thought that I was the mother from hell.

I left and can’t deny that I had a knot in the pit of my stomach. I realised that it was the teachers’ fears projected onto me and that it wasn’t my own, so I felt it and let it pass.
It is normal: the majority of teachers in your average school system try to get a homogeneous set of children that they can easily control so they feel their lives are as easy as possible. Having to apply psychology to those who are different (and let’s be honest, in today’s society all children are different!) requires a lot of work.
It forces you to get out of the parameters stated in the school curriculums and use your inner gifts as a guide, coach, facilitator and teacher, as well as your intuition, and to give them enough respect that they will participate in the process of allowing you to help them.

It is complicated and it involves vocation, heart and soul. This is serious stuff.
I then realised that the majority of the parents would have panicked and made enough changes to accommodate the perceived lack or incompetence in their child. In the process, the child would lose out as he or she would pick up the seeds of inadequacy, even at a subliminal level… but I resisted and decided that my job was not to make my daughter fit at any price or any cost into a system that was taking the soul
out of people (even inhuman?) but to protect her from having her creativity and individuality stripped out of her.

And so reading Elia’s book was like a breath of fresh air:
“Children who are born into a loving, conscious environment where communication and experience are alive with the reinforcement of high amplitude frequencies and values will not need to be intentionally socialized. They will meet the world with integration of their body, mind and spirit. Love, equality, sharing, respect, fairness, kindness, compassion and interdependence are inherent to this integration”

“Socialization is a metaphor for this natural state, necessary because so few children are raised in a way that maintains their identity”
“It is critical to the future of Humanity that you encourage each child’s unique value to manifest without imposing competitive developmental expectations on their early years”.

I am a teacher and I can tell you that the children today have incredible learning capabilities. I can also tell you that current curriculums are based on making them learn vast amounts of information by heart… and information that is in its majority uninspiring, unimportant and even unnecessary.
I am not sure whether this is the way to learn at this stage in the evolution of humanity when there are tools like the Internet where all information that you can ever want is available for free.

I feel that we are moving into a future where competition is not based on how much you know, but how you can use knowledge to solve problems and create possibilities that don’t yet exist.
This means that each individual needs to apply their individual gifts, capacities and perspectives to problem solving in order to illuminate with their inner intelligence an old problem. And this intelligence must not be polluted with impositions to fit into a system that, clearly, doesn’t really work too well.

And this pollution starts taking place at preschool.
Elia says: “Current research tells you that brain patterns change and extraordinary learning potentials narrow as children reach ages three and four. These first years are considered to be a biological window of opportunity. The research tells you how these potentials narrow, but not why”

“The narrowing occurs because the children begin accommodating to the limited local stimuli and amplitudes being offered them. By age three or four the multidimensional consciousness of a child has no integral place in the world”.

And if this wasn’t enough, we are faced with continuous competition, panic about not being enough or not having enough, deep fear about not being adequate, being far too busy and far too stressed by relentless doing and very little being. Focus on acquisition, accumulation and materialism in general, not to mention sugar-based nutrition which disintegrates the organism from inside out, silently and insidiously.

The result? Elia says: “intruding into the consciousness of your children until they have reached the age of eight. Even if you can only preserve their primary state until the age of six, it will have an enlightening impact on the future of the world. Trying to prepare preschool children for the world by exposing them to realistic stories is not a service to them”. And if it is not a service to them, then it is not a service to ourselves, to humanity in general!

After reading this, I realised that I had been doing exactly this in an intuitive way. Of course, this meant that I had very few young-mother-friends because I refused to do the weekly birthday-thing where each mother invites the other 17 to 30-plus children from school.
These parties, with their corresponding overload of sweets and cakes, result in an adrenaline rush and nervous system over-stimulation where a typical behaviour can be seen: children screaming and jumping all over the place as if they had lost their minds.

Again, as far as I am concerned, maybe normal but not natural.
We do go to the odd birthday, 3 or 4 per year, and I feel that she will have time to do all these things later on when she is a bit older, that she is not missing out on anything and that she will catch up with the craze when she goes out to the big old world out there, hopefully with a broader set of emotional resources in her toolkit and a well-placed inner campus.

In the meantime, I feel that she is protected and to a great degree, cushioned, so that she can grow at her own time in the peace and quiet of our home environment, being able to interact with the few people she gets to regularly meet on a one-to-one basis, and in the process hopefully keep her sanity.
Saying that, there is not a time when I don’t go to a shopping centre or a park where a mother or a greatmother remarks on how well-behaved she is, how do I get her to eat fruit, how do I get her to pay attention when I call her or give her an instruction… and at that point I know that they are seeing her light.

And I think “the answer requires to tell a very long story”… but they are noticing. Perhaps this is part of her life mission: to carry an unpolluted energy to a great extent.
She has a very strong personality but she has huge compassion, and you can see it on how she kisses and hugs children who are hurt or excluded from the group, or how she talks and holds the hand of babies and toddlers. It makes me feel that we are on the right track: an open heart chakra and a high level of awareness and responsibility, even at this early age. It is possible and desirable for these new children.

So are we saying that these children have the way paved just because they are born with a more advanced biology? So what about us, older people, parents and grandparents of these children? Are we doomed or
can we happily watch their lives become happy and harmonious, just like we would like our own lives to be? What is our role here?

In “The Secret of the Hidden Realms (Mystical Keys to the Unseen Worlds)” Almine says:
“The petals in the rose pattern of DNA are various sound chambers of frequency activated by attitude.
Someone who follows the right-brain method of ascension would use praise, love and gratitude, activating the three middle petals or sound cambers”
“These three main attitudes activate the seven supporting attitudes (and vice-versa): grace, reverence, self-reliance, calmness and poise, the embracing of failure as a learning tool, the ability to work with time and live in the moment, and generosity”

“These attitudes bring the middle row of seven sound chambers on line. Incorporating the thirteen divine feminine attitudes activates the twelve outer petals, and the doorway within the centre of the DNA opens […] The sound or frequency chambers activate the  corresponding DNA strands, bringing them ON LINE”.

“In a left-brained person, the strands are activated through insights gained and that, in turn, activates the sound chambers or corresponding petals of the rose […] In the same way that our names emphasize our unique mission or destiny in the cosmos, our DNA chambers are emphasized in a specific pattern as well. This provides us with a unique perspective that in turn gives us each a special way of looking at the world”.

We are each like a flower in a garden: all different, all bringing our own specific colours, scents, shapes and sizes. These children may be evolved humans, but they need help with grounding, fitting in, adapting to the energies of the planet so that they can, individually and as a group, bring their gifts and transform the energy frequencies within which we live.

They need our guidance, our love, our acceptance and nurturing, our presence and example, our respect and attention without telling them who they are or where they are going. If we can do this, they are truly starting life in a position of advantage regardless of the economic or social status and the material level of acquisition. And most of all, they are then equipped to carry out the specific life mission they came here to achieve.
By Dr Ana Garcia PhD, DTM
May ’2009
From Ebook: “Etheric DNA: The Blueprint for the Healing of the Planet”

“The predatory way we are wiping out other species is both reflected in and partially caused by the obsession in our culture to accumulate wealth, often with no regard to that accumulation’s consequences to the ecosystem or to other humans. If taking the resources of other species is acceptable, why not take the resources of other humans, too?”
Harsh words by Thom Hartmann in “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”. It is clear that most of us have chosen to believe this to be the truth, the final truth. Some have decided to take what they can while they can, some have decided to throw all caution to the wind and live their lives as if there were no consequences to their actions. I, and I believe many others too, have decided to believe that there is hope and that there is a way to the healing of the planet. Maybe not an easy solution, but a solution nevertheless. And this solution involves healing at the deepest level: at DNA level, at cellularregeneration
level, at soul level”.

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