Complete support, any time, any where. 

The Academy Hout Bay offers a unique online, blended Learning environment to provide Distance Learning Support to our students. We finally have the appropriate technology to deliver effective teaching and learning online. The Academy Hout Bay has developed a unique blend of sound traditional teaching methodologies with the latest Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Management Systems. This way our students can access their lessons online, with engaging content tailored to the various syllabus requirements, where ever they are. This allows our students to keep up with work missed through absence, review topics they found challenging and even move ahead to topics of particular interest.

Parents can use this system to monitor their child’s progress


  • Blended learning: Video, audio, images and text are combined
    to reach all learning styles.
  • Content: Carefully selected and moderated to cover all syllabus requirements.
  • Assessments: Adapted from GCSEs and A Level Examination past papers.
  • Feedback: Immediate, summative feedback on quizzes and personalised, formative feedback on written assignments.
  • Progress reports and identification of areas of weakness.
  • LIVE tutorial support for specific needs.

Chromebooks - Built for Education

A Chromebook is a 
lightweightdurable laptop designed for students. It boots up in less than 8 seconds and boasts a battery that lasts the whole day.

Chromebooks are a different breed, designed to be simple, affordable, secure and shareable. From the ground up, these devices are built for the educational environment.

Most importantly, we manage your child’s Chromebook, to ensure that they benefit from a carefully curated learning environment, free from distractions, with no subscription fees and 24/7 support built into the solution, all at no extra cost.

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