THE ACADEMY ONLINE was one of the very first online, distance learning providers in South Africa. Since 2015, we have been developing our unique, blended learning environment, to provide families with a effective, affordable and quality Home Schooling solution.

Offered to Private Candidates to support preparation for Cambridge International Examinations

THE ACADEMY ONLINE’s experience offers a unique blend of sound traditional teaching methodologies with the latest Virtual Learning Environments and Learning Management Systems. Students access their lessons online, with engaging content tailored to the various syllabus requirements, where ever they are; ideal for Private Candidates, Homeschoolers and Cottage Schools


  • Blended learning: Video, audio, images and text are combined
    to reach all learning styles.
  • Content: Carefully selected and moderated to cover all syllabus requirements.
  • Assessments: Adapted from International GCSEs and International AS Level Examination past papers.
  • Feedback: Immediate, summative feedback on quizzes and personalised, formative feedback on written assignments within 3 DAYS.
  • Personal Support: Tutors are available to answer questions within 24 HOURS
  • Progress reports and identification of areas of weakness.
  • LIVE tutorial support for specific needs on request.

A History of Success


The Academy Online has enjoyed remarkable success with over 90% THROUGHPUT (the % of students successfully completing their courses.) We are justifiably proud of our record; one such example being Frank Viljoen who achieved THE HIGHEST MARK IN SOUTH AFRICA for Environmental Management in 2018!