Geography and Environmental Management:
Daniel Landi (BSc, PGCE, MEd)

The founder and Principal of the Academy, Daniel Landi,  has been teaching and learning for 20 years in Government and independent schools, in the UK, the Middle East and South Africa. The Academy has been his dream for over a decade. A place where students are free to learn, where teachers are free to teach and as as a community they can grow together to create the most effective learning environment.  He has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Academy is at the forefront of progressive education, embodying both the Montessori ethic and his own approaches to teaching and learning, supported by motivated and expertly qualified staff and a cutting-edge technology. He remains fully immersed in the classroom teaching his favourite  subjects, Geography and Environmental Management. Daniel grew up in Johannesburg and returned to South Africa with his family in 2011.

Administrator Director and the Examinations Officer:
Jacqui Brown (BA Hons Psy, PRISA)

Jacqui Brown is the Administrator Director and the Examinations Officer for The Academy, a demanding position which requires both a good grasp of the Cambridge Educational examination system as well as an in-depth knowledge of
the Academy’s financial and HR functions. She is well qualified for this position as she holds a B.A. (Hons) in Psychology and an additional qualification gained from the Public Relations Institute of South Africa (PRISA). Jacqui lives in Hout Bay and is married with two children.

Biology and Chemistry:
Siko Mhizha  (BSc, PGCE)

An accomplished, energetic  and reliable Educator with a solid history of achievement in teaching. Siko is a seasoned and responsible Educator with a track record of achieving exceptional results in the teaching of Biology , Chemistry and Mathematics . With 15 years of teaching experience in schools in South Africa and Zimbabwe she leads Mathematics Department at the Academy. She describes herself as passionate and self motivated, with a drive for excellence.

Physics and Computor Science:
Markus Kruger (MSc)

Markus Kruger grew up in Cape Town and graduated from Stellenbosch University with a M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics. As well as teaching all the way from Grade 1 through to first year university in combinations of either mathematics or physics, he spent two years as the head tutor at the African Institute for Mathematical Science. He is passionate about cultivating scientific thinking in his students which will prepare them for any scientific direction they may wish to continue, including physics. His teaching philosophy is comprised of giving his students the tools that they need to solve problems and, perhaps more importantly, to check if those solution are sensible and consistent. This requires a mental shift from trying to memorise known solutions to really understanding the guiding principles, and then systematically applying them to the given problem. This approach applies to problems far outside the realm of physics, creating critical thinkers in our society. This is worth even more than a good mark in the exams.

Sarah Elphick (BA, PGCE)

Sarah brings a remarkable passion and professionalism to all her classes. “Traditional education methods are running out of steam and dimming learners’ inherent joy for learning. Consequently, innovation and experimentation is becoming increasingly important in the vital attempt to stoke the learners’ inner flame.” She is committed to the Academy’s Ethos and seeks at all times to to promote a commitment to values of dignity, aspiration, creativity and community in an attempt to assist learners in discovering their strengths, and in growing every aspect of their lives.

Middle Years Coordinator:
Angelica Moller (BA, PGCE)

Angelica graduated from Stellenbosch University with a Bachelor’s degree, after which she spent a year studying progressive teaching methodologies, tutoring and looking after children, finding her passion for teaching. She went on to Study a PGCE at UNISA and started teaching in 2015 as an assistant teacher. She began teaching at Capella House in Cape Town and joined the Academy Hout Bay in 2018. She is responsible for the implementation of Montessori methodology and Project Based Learning in the Middle Years.

On line Learning Support:
Shannon Levey (BA, MCC, BA Hons Phil, BA Hons Lit)

Shannon has been involved in secondary and tertiary education for over a decade and has a passion for education in its various forms. She has been part of the private school system in Zimbabwe since 2009, teaching Cambridge English Language and Literature, from IGCSE to A Level. She uses the medium of English Language to encourage self-confidence and self-expression within her students. Her focus over the years has been students who are said to be on the margins of the mainstream, and she has enjoyed huge successes with lower streamed students, achieving high pass rates in classes that were deemed unable to pass English. Her love of literature and approachable nature combine to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for students.