About Us

The Academy started as an effort to provide on line support for high school students in an effort to make an effective and an affordable education available to students in South Africa that would lead to an Internationally recognized certification and a Matric Exemption. This quickly evolved due to the immediate demand for personalized learning and the number of students and parents unhappy with the limitations of mainstream education. We started with just one full-time student, three weeks later we had two, the next term we had seven and we currently have 84 students (with a maximun intake of 96).

It is all about the approach to teaching and learning, the idea that students should be allowed to be happy and follow their passions. Quite a simple idea really. With smaller classes of 18 or fewer and ensuring that Study Skills and Learning Support are offered as standard (after all, you don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree), we can make real what many schools only pay lip service to. Our on Line Virtual Learning Environments engage students on and off campus allowing for more flexibility, review, revision and blended learning. 

With land use change confirmed we will be moving into our new premises in January 2018. The new school is unique in many ways, from the landscaped gardens and organic vegetable patches to the high ceilings and mezzanine floors of the classrooms. Our students will realise that the “classroom” is not contained in four walls. It is a beautiful place – you should come and see it.

The Academy offers an internationally recognized private High School education. The focus is to keep classes small and to offer schooling in a rural setting. The Academy offers limited extramural activities; leaving time for family life outside of the school. Students who are particularly good at any given discipline have the time to focus on their field of expertise. Lessons, projects and tutorials are available online, through the Virtual Learning Environment. Learners can progress, even when unable to be in the class, which could help with fitting in with the modern way of life or their family requirements.