Welcome to The Academy Hout Bay

The Academy Hout Bay’s Mission Statement

The Academy Hout Bay’s mission is to support the development of content, independent, tenacious and brave young adults who are equipped with the skills required to make a positive contribution to a just, fair and ecologically sustainable society.

Online Learning Support

A unique and effective Virtual Learning Environment engages The Academy students and supports all learning.

Courses on Offer

A unique academic programme focused on personalised, experiential learning and critical thinking.

Enrollment 2019

Accelerate your learning and learn without limits – The Academy Hout Bay.

The Academy Hout Bay seeks to embody the principles of “EDUCERE” (Latin: To draw out from within”). We want to open a whole new world of possibilities of learning for you. True pedagogy is far more than instruction. Pedagogy is leading you to a place where you can learn for yourself. It is about creating environments and situations where you develop your abilities, create your own knowledge, interpret the world in your own unique way, and ultimately realise your full potential as a human being.

We wish to be the guide in your learning. It’s about posing challenges, asking the right questions, and presenting relevant problems for you to explore, answer and solve. Our pedagogy is to transport you to a place where you will be amazed by the wonders of the world in which you live.



  • Effective, affordable learning environments for students between the ages of 13 and 18.
  • An internationally recognized certificate of education: International GCSE and AS Level leading to Matric.
  • A unique academic programme focused on personalized learning, experiential learning and critical thinking that develops independent learning skills for university and marketable life skills for the work place.
  • A supportive and nurturing environment that encourages self-discipline, reflection and the development of principled global citizens.
  • Advanced teaching techniques based on accelerated learning and the multiple intelligence approach using an integrated and personalized curriculum, differentiated through the use of learning support and individual tuition.
  • A carefully thought out, inspiring and beautiful physical learning environment.
  • Well trained, well qualified and dedicated teachers motivated by a clear collective vision, supported by on-going professional development.
  • Centralized administration of teaching through virtual learning environments to support the “flippped Classroom” methodologies 
  • Community links through Environmental Studies and encouraging Active Citizenship.