The Academy Hout Bay

UK Accredited International GCSE and A levels 

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Developing independent, tenacious and brave young adults empowered to make a positive contribution to a just, fair and ecologically sustainable society.


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Effective and engaging Virtual Learning


Unique, personalised experiential learning

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The principles of “EDUCERE” (Latin: To draw out from within”) mean to open a whole new world of possibilities by creating environments and situations in which abilities are developed, knowledge created, the world is interpreted in a unique way, and full potential as a human being is realised.  


Critical thinking skills, adaptability, perseverance and independence in readiness for university and the work place.


  • Effective, personalised, experiential learning for students between the ages of 13 and 18
  • Virtual Learning Environments supporting “Flipped Classrooms” and “Blended Learning”
  • A supportive and nurturing space that encourages self-discipline, reflection and the development of principled global citizens.
  • Accelerated learning and the multiple intelligence approach
  • Well trained, well qualified and dedicated teachers motivated by a clear collective vision.