2018 Fees


Grade 7-9
  • Per Annum: R50 400
  • Per Month: R4 200
  • (12 months)
  • Per Term: R12 600
  • Annual Less 5%:
  • R47 880
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GCSE 1& 2

Grade 10-11
  • Per Annum: R59 400
  • Per Month: R4 950
  • (12 months)
  • Per Term: R14 850
  • Annual Less 5%:
  • R56 430
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AS Level

Grade 12
  • Per Annum: R72 000
  • Per Month: R6 000
  • (12 months)
  • Per Term: R18 000
  • Annual Less 5%:
  • R68 400
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A Level

Grade 13
  • Per Subject: R13 500
  • (paid over 10 months)
  • English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Physics
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  • Application Fee R500 (Non-refundable)
  • Registration Fee R5 000 (Non-refundable)
  • EXAM FEES for GCSE2 and AS and A Level students writing External International Exams are an ADDITIONAL COST and will vary, depending on the number of subjects and the level at which the student is writing, as well as the exchange rate at the time of writing exams.
  • Tuition fees are exclusive of textbooks that support the International Curriculum. Parents will be responsible for Stationery and Residential Visits, Camps and Specialist Co-curricular Activities held during the academic year. The latter are encouraged but not compulsory.



Is to provide:

  • Effective, affordable learning environments for students between the ages of 15 and 18.
  • An internationally recognized certificate of education: GCSE and A Level leading to Matric.
  • A unique academic programme focused on personalized learning, experiential learning and critical thinking that develops independent learning skills for university and marketable life skills for the work place.
  • A supportive and nurturing environment that encourages self-discipline, reflection and the development of principled global citizens.
  • Advanced teaching techniques based on accelerated learning and the multiple intelligence approach using an integrated and personalized curriculum, differentiated through the use of learning support and individual tuition.
  • A carefully thought out physical learning environment.
  • Well trained, well qualified and dedicated teachers motivated by a clear collective vision, supported by on-going professional development.
  • Pre-admission Cognitive Abilities Testing for identifying areas for development.
  • Vertical teaching: Classes formed from abilities not age; allowing the flexibility to complete certification in shorter or longer time frames.
  • Centralized administration of teaching through virtual learning environments to support home-based learning and develop off-campus learning communities.
  • Community links through the outsourcing of Environmental Studies and  encouraging Active Citizenship.